Tuesday, October 10, 2006


If you are a woman, you are well aware that the rate of cancer associated with the female organs is increasing. As is the number of non-malignant female organ problems. Everything from severe PMS to endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, and fibrocystic breast disease is increasing. You no doubt wonder, "This can't all be due to a high stress lifestyle, isn't this really just because we have better detection methods today than in the past?" To a small degree, the answer is yes. But the greater part of the answer is due to something entirely different.

Women of today live in an entirely different world than the women lived in 100 years ago and beyond. Today's women live in a world that is a chemical soup. There are chemicals in the air we breathe, the water and beverages we drink, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our work places, the household furnishings, cleansers, and even the our doctors prescribe for us. An enormous number of these chemicals have been created from coal or oil and consist of what is chemically known as a benzene ring with a chlorine side chain. These compounds are known as organochlorines and are very dangerous, especially to the female hormone cycle. Many times one chemical in the environment, such as an herbicide will supply the benzine ring and another, such as a pesticide will supply the chlorine, and with a little help from water and sunshine they combine to create this dangerous compound. They are everywhere!

For decades it has been known that these compounds have powerful estrogenic activity. This means they have an effect upon the body similar to the hormone estrogen. Because they are not true estrogen, each of these compounds only produces a limited number of the different effects which estrogen does.

Unfortunately, these are often some of the most dangerous effects which estrogen produces. In addition, in producing these effects they are often much more powerful than a woman's own estrogen. Thus they severely upset the body chemistry. A disturbance made worse when there is an inadequate amount of natural progesterone available to oppose it.

Studies of birds, animals and fish in the wild show just how powerful and widespread the danger is. Everywhere the scientists look they find wild creatures developing cancer and becoming deformed because of these estrogenic compounds. As Dr. Lee points out in his book, these estrogenic compounds are so powerful that as tiny an amount as a single grain of sand in an Olympic size swimming pool is sufficient to exert a harmful estrogenic effect upon fish.

These compounds are known as xenobiotic and xenoestrogenic, meaning "strange or unusual biological agent" and "strange or unusual estrogenic agent". Today there are literally thousands of these strange and unusual estrogenicly active compounds in our world. As compounds enter a woman's body they activate estrogen receptors on the various cells in the organs and tissues of the body. These receptors are intended to be acted upon only by the estrogen generated by the woman's own body. These xenoestrogens are also stored in the fat tissue. Because estrogen stimulates the creation of fat, these xenoestrogens cause women to create even more fat. Which in turn allows them to store even more of these dangerous compounds. It is a vicious circle.

Next you take a woman's own estrogen production, which is often unopposed by the protective effects of progesterone, and add that estrogen to that of the xenoestrogens in her diet, environment and that which is stored in her fat tissue, and the effect can be disastrous! The various estrogen sensitive tissues of the body become excessively stimulated. This leads to enormous disturbances of not only their function, but also to a disturbance of their very structure. Altered tissue structure is manifest as fibrocystic breast disease, endometriosis, tumors, cancer and an enormous number of other health problems women now experience.

Given these circumstances, you can see the disaster which may occur when the modern woman is also given a prescription for an estrogen drug. Her body may be thrown completely out of hormone balance. Her chance of experiencing a major increase in health problems associated with her female chemistry is greatly increased. This is the recipe for today's epidemic of female health problems, it is the biggest reason behind the tremendous increase in cancer of the breast, uterus and ovaries.


The worst part of this problem is that it is going to get worse before it gets better. Women will continue to face ever increasing pressure as more is expected of them, before it is realized that women need relief, just as it is now recognized the over stressed male executive needs relief if he is not going to die from a premature heart attack.

The number and use of the xenoestrogenic compounds is going to get worse, long before it gets better. Also the use of estrogen and the synthetic progestin drugs are going to increase before the medical
profession wakes up to the disaster they are creating. All of this will take years, and if history is any example, it will take decades.

Meanwhile the epidemic of female health problems will continue to get worse. Our mothers, aunts, sisters, wives, neighbor ladies, and women coworkers will continue to suffer and die needlessly. Let's consider natural progesterone supplementation and let's tell other women we know and care about too.

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