Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tip of the day! - 1/22/07

Get dressed - every day!1/22/07

Don’t let yourself go just because you’re not getting out as much as you used to. Get dressed – every single day – in something nice - shoes and jewelry, and even make-up if you wear it. Not only does it give you a psychological boost, but being dressed makes it harder to just crawl back into bed for a nap. It’s too easy to lapse into slobbery when you’re not feeling well. And slopping around leads to a loss of self-respect and of self-esteem.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fibromyalgia Tips--An easy cleaning system

Fibromyalgia Tips

An easy cleaning system

The Fly Lady system for housecleaning calls for first eliminating all unnecessary clutter, then spending small 15 minutes chunks of time each day tending to problem spots. After 15 minutes, you rest. If you feel up to it, do another 15 minutes. Even on bad days, most of us can do anything for about 15 minutes. http://www.flylady.net will guide you through an easy system for maintaining a home with ease -- honest. Many people have tried it when they felt that their houses had gone beyond redemption and found that it really worked.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Weight Loss

I wanted to share with you that over the past 8-12 months I've lost weight and I've noticed a difference in the way I feel.

I've noticed less pain on my joints and a little bit more energy.

It's not because I was trying. It just happened.

So, if you can focus this year on becoming more healthy and eating better you might be able to lose weight and feel less pain.

I think maybe I've changed my diet a little to cause the weight change. I've been eating out less and eating at home more.

One of the other things I've read in my research is that we eat emotionally. Many find certain foods a comfort and eat those foods when they're stressed.

When you notice you're stressing and grabbing for your comfort food instead do some activity like walking or some other activity that you can handle.

You'll be happy you did!

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Monday, January 1, 2007

Women and Pain: What a Pain!

Discovery Health

Women and Pain: What a Pain!