Friday, April 4, 2008


There's sweet news about hot cocoa: the popular winter drink contains more antioxidants per cup than a similar serving of red wine or tea and may even be a healthier choice.
Researchers at Cornell University, located in Geneva New York, have shown this through recent study which adds to growing evidence of the health benefits of cocoa and points to a tasty alternative. Yummy hot cocoa in the quest to maintain a diet rich in healthy antioxidants, chemicals that have been shown to fight cancer, heart disease and aging, the researchers say.
Although the researchers say antioxidants are important for good health, nobody knows the exact daily amount required per person—this stated by Chang Yong Lee, Ph.D., head of the study and a professor of food chemistry in Cornell's Department of Food Science and Technology.
They do agree however a cup or two of hot cocoa every once in a while can provide a delicious, warm and healthy way to obtain more antioxidants!

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A Gracious Home said...

I have FM and I'm sensitive to oxalates so I try to avoid chocolate. When I want something hot I use packaged apple cider. It's not only good but it's loaded with the same thing as apple cider vinegar that is so helpful for FM. Thank you for all the info. Doylene