Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fish Oil - Brain Food

Fish and Fibrofog

Certain fish - mackerel, salmon, tuna (not canned) and herring, contain an oil with Omega-3 in them - an important element of diet that not only helps with mental problems [fibrofog-cognitive problems] confusion, but has also been shown to relieve joint problems and more. At least two fish meals a week can help improve many of the symptoms of fibro. There are also Omega-3 supplements available - or you can take good old-fashioned cod liver oil.

When buying any of this fish make sure it is "wild" not farmed. Farmed it tainted with man made chemicals and all that stuff found in the farmed meats you buy in the store. The man made chemicals are one of the issues for fibromites. When you check out my link below you'll understand some of this.

Here's a good place to lead into: My Story with Seabiotics. Please read up and check it out. I need to update it. But info is still relative.

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Connie Arnold said...

I've been reading through your posts, Kimberly, as I have fibromyalgia too, and discovered some things I knew and some new ideas. I've recently started on the fish oil capsules. Have to freeze them to take them though! Thanks for sharing your helpful knowledge.