Saturday, March 3, 2012

FM Misconceptions Interview - Mayo Clinic

A blog friend posted on her blog today about this interview. You can see her blog here.

I've long since been posting about FM news to inform you readers about what's going on with FM.

You can read the interview here. The interview basically goes through a method of Q&A about the misconceptions surrounding FM.

I really like the answer given to the last question about the FM patient taking responsibility for their health. That could be applied to the population as a whole. Many people give up control of their health to whoever they feel is giving them what they want.

The Q&A is this:

  • Can misconceptions about fibromyalgia be harmful?
    • If people with fibromyalgia believe there is no help for them, they're going to stay stuck. Even if there isn't a cure, there are treatments that can really improve their quality of life. When people learn they have fibromyalgia, they can go through the stages of grief and loss — including experiencing anger and attempts at bargaining. When they get to the peace of acceptance, that's when they can realize there are limits to what medical technology can do. There's no magic surgery or pill that can fix this. They need to recognize that it's OK to ask for help with things and that it's OK to give themselves time for exercise and relaxation each day. They need to make their own health a priority.
We need to be as positive and pro-active as possible.

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